Stanton DeFreitas Thinks Everyone Works Better Together

October 26, 2018
It is obvious Stanton DeFreitas derived great benefit from the nature of his childhood. This makes sense since he had a unique upbringing, as a Canadian with Caribbean roots. The reality is, he was constantly exposed to a great many traditions and cultures and he embraced as many as possible. Stanton is certain that his exposure to so many perspectives on almost every issue is what has turned him into a good man and a great businessman.

Above all else, Stanton DeFreitas firmly believes hat all cultures must work better together than they can as separate entities. If we all work together, the entire world will be better off. As an example, in our culture, opioid abuse is a major problem. What if another culture has a way to mitigate pain that doesn’t involve addictive and potentially dangerous chemicals? How do we find out about that, if each culture maintains its very own cultural bubble? These days, Stanton DeFreitas wants to be a writer because he wants to share everything he’s learned with the world. That is his small contribution to making the world work better for all people.

Stanton DeFreitas Writes About Things That Matter

April 20, 2018
There are many reasons why Stanton DeFreitas decided he wanted to be a writer, but the most important one is that he wishes to communicate his vision of a world in which everyone in it embraces diversity. His main desire in life is to do his part to create a more tolerant and peaceful world, so he hopes to use his writing to reach more people on a variety of issues, including some that are important to the survival of the human species.

Of course, that means Stanton DeFreitas writes about all sorts of things, including international current events, as well as international travel and international sports. That is primarily because they matter tremendously in the grand scheme of things. Stanton also likes to write on personal health and wellness as one area in which all cultures and most people share a lot of common ground. Stanton DeFreitas bears an overwhelming desire to show that all people work better together. He knows that we all need each other to solve problems.